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Given the climate of our world today, it is evident that technology is playing a huge role in our social interactions. As human beings it is only natural for us to grow stir crazy in the confinement of our homes. What better way to keep you mind, body and soul healthy than to fit in a good workout or dance session?

I am currently offering online classes and courses at beginner and intermediate levels, as well as special limited edition sessions on Industry 101.


This was my third program with Stef Williams and I have progressed from learning beginners routines to learning advance routines in a fast paced environment under her guidance and support. The program has taught me to be more attentive in class or rehearsals and execute choreography and freestyle with a lot more confidence… Thank you for all your patience and support Stef. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it and taking so much away from it💕. Looking forward to working with you a lot more in the future.

Supriya Sengupta

Since I took the programs I’ve been able to improve my confidence and dance skills. I love this program and the lovely people you are able to work with.

Ivonne Orobio

Stef gave great insight into the industry and put us in multiple scenarios to up our confidence- we did “on the spot” auditions, choreos, placements & transitions, and dancing with the camera Right in our faces. Everything was done in a relaxed and positive environment so we had fun during all the challenges. The program made me more willing to tackle challenges that I’d typically shy away from.